Wow {Flagstaff Birth Photography}

Well this was amazing and mind-blowing! This was my first time photographing, or even witnessing a birth! I was blown away. She was induced in the morning, so I went to visit and capture a few images first thing in the am. Flagstaff Birth Photographer WEB-4It was so nice and peaceful in the room! Mom was relaxing and dad catching up on the days news. I photographed their 1st child’s ‘in mom’s belly’ session, and his newborn session just over 1.5 years ago. I loved seeing this family again! Here is a link to the maternity photos from this pregnancy.Flagstaff Birth Photographer WEB-5I loved capturing some of the details of the room, some things mom may not have noticed that day!Flagstaff Birth Photographer WEB-7And to top if off, isn’t the light beautiful in this room? Only things a photographer would notice I guess!Flagstaff Birth Photographer WEB-9I left and kept my phone turned up loud, I checked in around 2:30 and there was not much change. And then boom! At about 4pm dad called and said, “Hurry, she is at 9cm!” Luckily I was only about 3 minutes from the hospital, I showed up and baby came about 15 minutes later! Wow! Flagstaff Birth Photographer WEB-14Enjoy the beauty…Flagstaff Birth Photographer WEB-16Flagstaff Birth Photographer WEB-18Flagstaff Birth Photographer WEB-20Flagstaff Birth Photographer WEB-23Flagstaff Birth Photographer WEB-24Flagstaff Birth Photographer WEB-25Flagstaff Birth Photographer WEB-26Flagstaff Birth Photographer WEB-27It was all amazing, mom was a rockstar, and the baby was perfectly healthy.Flagstaff Birth Photographer WEB-29Flagstaff Birth Photographer WEB-33Flagstaff Birth Photographer WEB-35I stayed for about another hour, mom got settled into breast feeding…Flagstaff Birth Photographer WEB-63And then baby was off to get weighed and measured! Can you believe the eye contact here? He knows his daddy already.Flagstaff Birth Photographer WEB-89‘Why are you covering my eyes???’ That was probably the only moment I heard him cry, he was one happy newborn!Flagstaff Birth Photographer WEB-95‘Gotta check my head size now…’Flagstaff Birth Photographer WEB-101‘Hi Mom and Dad!’
Flagstaff Birth Photographer WEB-105Well needless to say I am in love with photographing births, I feel so honored to have been allowed to photograph this one. Please contact me at for more information on photographing your birth!

  • Lisa Phillips Sinclair said:

    Awesome!! I love dad's face as he was born!!!

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  • Dawn Garratt said:

    Those are awesome Katie!!! Great job!

  • Alisa Scott Carlson said:

    Beautiful job Katie!

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    Amazing job, Katie!