The Free 52 Personal Project April- Freelensing Arizona {Arizona Photographer}

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This month I went on an extremely fun field trip with my younger son’s 3-4th grade class. We went camping at Catalina State Park which is just north of Tucson, AZ and about a 4.5 hour drive from home in Flagstaff. We visited our state capital in Phoenix and met District 6’s House of Representatives, did some hiking in Catalina State Park and went to the Biosphere 2! I loved learning that Biosphere 1 is planet Earth. There are not people living in the biosphere at this time, it is currently used as a research lab. But there were people living in there! In the early 90’s a group stayed for 2 years and then another stayed for about 6 months. It was fascinating to tour! Thanks for stopping by and please click here to see Cara McConnell of Wild Iris Photography’s beautiful share next.Catalina and Biosphere AZ Freelensing-1Catalina and Biosphere AZ Freelensing-2Catalina and Biosphere AZ Freelensing-3Catalina and Biosphere AZ Freelensing-4Catalina and Biosphere AZ Freelensing-5Catalina and Biosphere AZ Freelensing-6Catalina and Biosphere AZ Freelensing-7Catalina and Biosphere AZ Freelensing-8Catalina and Biosphere AZ Freelensing-9Catalina and Biosphere AZ Freelensing-10Catalina and Biosphere AZ Freelensing-11Catalina and Biosphere AZ Freelensing-12Catalina and Biosphere AZ Freelensing-13Catalina and Biosphere AZ Freelensing-14Catalina and Biosphere AZ Freelensing-15


Please click here to see Cara McConnell of Wild Iris Photography’s beautiful share next and here to contact me!

  • Kathy Ledbetter said:

    Love these! Especially love the first one with the warm tones and sun flare! Also love all the lines in the greenhouse!

  • kristin said:

    So many fun locations this month!

  • April said:

    Wow, wow, wow! The landscape photos + sun flare are astonishing.

  • Ally said:

    That first one!! Wow, it's like looking into a dream. Beautiful collection! ♥

  • Terra said:

    Lovely light and color, Katie! The biosphere looks pretty cool, my fav is the 4th down with the kids...the sense of wonder and softness is perfect.