Some recent words of wisdom from a wonderful photography conference {Flagstaff Family Photography}

Well it is always fun to get out of town, laugh your head off with friends and be totally inspired about your passion! I was lucky enough to experience this recently in Seattle at the wonderful Click Away Conference. I had the honor of teaching at this conference, about my love of newborn photography, two years ago, and since then I have loved going as a guest and relaxing and soaking it all in! I want to share a few wonderful life lessons that I learned while I was there, and share a few photos of beautiful Seattle!

The coolest thing I learning was from Summer Murdock, an incredible photographer based in Salt Lake City. So I know that you guys all want your kids to be happy, and one way for them to be happy is to find their passions, right? But what Summer added here was so wonderful! I great way to find your passion is to pay attention to anything that sparks your interest. If you find something cool, exciting or interesting, don’t let that go! Pursue it or store it in your head- as this may be your passion! That really stuck with my during and after her talk and I hope that sharing it with you was helpful!

And from the wonderful Yan Palmer, aim low (so you won’t be disappointed) and challenge yourself to let go of guilt for an entire year! Wouldn’t that be an incredible year? I hope this sparks some interest for you!

Here are a few¬†photos from my trip…

katie woodard seattle-2016-1katie woodard seattle-2016-2katie woodard seattle-2016-5katie woodard seattle-2016-7

katie woodard seattle-2016-16

katie woodard seattle-2016-20

katie woodard seattle-2016-17

katie woodard seattle-2016-19katie woodard seattle-2016-21katie woodard seattle-2016-22

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