Sitting up is a big deal!! {Flagstaff Baby Photographer}

Sitting up is a big deal! And baby smiles are the cutest. And hugs from Mommy, well there is a lot of great things going on here- this little guy is a very well loved youngest brother with 5 older siblings! Do you think he is going to have some fun? I have known this sweet mom since we bought our house about 6 years ago. We were lucky to have them as neighbors. But after a few shorts meet ups, I got the sad news that they were moving! Luckily they ended up back in Flagstaff a few years later and are still living in our neighborhood. Our kids had lots of fun in the cut-de-sac before they moved though! They are all so sweet and fun and man I wish my hair was still as red as Mom’s!!

Thank you for allowing me to capture your family and here are a few favorites…

Those eyelashes!!


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