Playtime for the Photographers! {Arizona Family Photographer}

It is playtime for the photographers! It is so good for the soul to be with amazing, funny people who love doing the same things you love! This was a really special weekend- this is a group of girls I met over a few different years at the ClickAway conferences. We all bonded at their conferences and decided we needed to hang out at at time that we were not all busy teaching or taking classes. Well it all came together during a warm January weekend in Phoenix, AZ and it was more fun than I could have hoped! We did so much laughing, sharing and a bit of shooting too! Thanks for stopping by….Katie Woodard-8Katie Woodard-7

Katie Woodard-6

Katie Woodard-12Katie Woodard-11

Katie Woodard-14Katie Woodard-13

Katie Woodard-2Katie Woodard-1Katie Woodard-3Katie Woodard-4


Katie Woodard-17

Katie Woodard-18

Katie Woodard-19

Katie Woodard-20

Katie Woodard-16