One day old baby boy- Family of 5 {Flagstaff AZ Fresh 48 Photographer}

I think 1 day old sessions are quickly becoming a favorite milestone for me to be a part of and to document! These are also known as Fresh 48 sessions. This one day old baby boy just made this a family of 5! This family was extra special to meet. This baby boy was born during one of our only and big snow storms of the winter of 2015. We live in a beautiful mountain town here in Northern Arizona, and we even have a ski area! But this year has been light on snow. Well it finally came, in full force! I promise this is relevant..

I received¬†an email from Mom the day after baby was born, casually telling me that her baby boy had been born the night before, at home. Well I did not think much about this, as I know that there are lots of babies born at home these days! But I did not find out until I got to the session that having a home birth was not in the plan! They do not live very close to the hospital, so I thought this was why they did not make it into town in the snow. But no, Mom said it all happened so fast, they would not have made it anyway! It all went fine and all are healthy, but it was a big a surprise to everyone! Enjoy the cuteness and thank you for allowing me to capture your family…

One Day Old Baby Photographer Flagstaff, AZOh the newness…One Day Old Baby Photographer Flagstaff, AZ 2Those lips are too adorable!Fresh 48 Baby Photographer Flagstaff, AZFresh 48 Baby Photographer FlagstaffFresh 48 Baby Photographer FlagstaffI’m not sure if there is much cuter things in this world than 1 day old baby toes…Baby Toes Photographer FlagstaffOkay, maybe 1 day old baby yawns are cuter…Baby Yawn Photography FlagstaffBig sister is bonding with her baby brother already!Newborn Sibling Photography FlagstaffAnd I saved my favorite for last…heart melting…1 day old Baby Dad Photography Flagstaff