My 3 Favorite Things about Photographing Newborns {Flagstaff Baby Photography}

People often ask me what it is I love about photographing newborns, so I thought I would share here, why I adore my job! Here are my 3 favorite things about photographing newborns, I could go on and on!

1) The new love and infatuation that happens when a baby comes into a family is so beautiful to me! I could hang out around that kind of love all day long. I know that when I had my two babies, I could have stared at them all day. I find myself saying that to clients about their babies too, they are amazing! And the look of love in a parent’s eyes as they look at their child is one of my favorite things to capture.

why I love photographing newborns2) The pure newness and how fast it changes is fascinating to me. The tiny toes, the precious fingers, the amazing tiny lips and eyelashes, and everything about their cute shapes. How cute is it when they reach and their little hands up and the hands barely reach above the top of their heads?

Why I love photographing newborns

3) Taking a moment to love this time and preserve this moment is one of my favorite things about photographing newborns. Believe me, I know that having a newborn can be stressful and is definitely exhausting. Scheduling a newborn session allows you to stop worrying about laundry, and any other chores, and just sit and let me do the work. You can stop and hug your new love, and watch while I photograph their adorable shapes, while I capture the moment forever.

Why I love photographing newborns


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