It is almost time! Preparing for your Family Session {Flagstaff, AZ Photographer}

It is almost time! Here are some tip on preparing for you family session. So your session is today or tomorrow, you have picked out your clothes (whew!) and are ready for the big day. I have put together 5 last minutes tips to make the session go a bit easier…

1) I love my job! And I know it is awkward to be in front of the camera, I have been there. I will act like a fool, ask you silly questions and will do anything to get the shot. So I’d love for you to be prepared to get your family laughing, get ready to snuggle and just be yourselves.

2) I will pose you, you do not need to worry about looking your best. That is my job! I will capture a few posed shots where everyone is looking at the camera. But what I love the very most is the images where you have just told a joke, given a big hug or kiss or cuddle, and are just loving on each other.

3) Come prepared with some ideas that you know will make your kids laugh, and be ready to whisper sweet nothings (or funny nothings!) in your child or spouse’s ear. I will ask you to do something to make your kids laugh at the session!

4) Your kids will be great! I want to capture your child as they are today, not as a smiling robot! I will be silly and have lots of fun with them. Try to have them rested and well fed, and make it a relaxing day before the session. Tired and hungry is not a good combo!

5) If there is anyone in the group (and I know about this, I consulted with my husband!) out there that are not looking forward to this, here is my best advice: make the best of this one hour together with your family, have fun and enjoy the moment! And maybe offer to go out for a fun treat afterwards. If you have fun during the session, you will remember this as a fun experience AND the photos will be even more amazing to look enjoy forever!