My Favorite Products- How I backup my photos {Flagstaff Family and Baby Photographer}


I am a bit torn on this subject, while I love photos and photography I also try really hard to keep the amount of stuff I own to a minimum. While I know that when asked the question, “If your house burned down, what would you grab?”, a lot of people would have photo albums in their top 3! And this would be my answer as well. But I know in reality not everyone gets their photos printed all the time anymore. I have several ideas on preserving your photos that I will cover in a future blog post. But for now I want to cover┬áhow I backup my photos:

  1. Print the photos! This is my 1st go to. I take a ton of personal photos. I print my very favorites each month as 4×6’s and add them to a yearly album. If I see any I want larger as prints for frames I order these at the same time.
  2. Photo books- I print photo books from special occasions and trips a few times a year and I use Chat Books to get small photo books made from my Instagram feed.
  3. External Hard Drive- I use this for several reasons, so that my photos will not take up space on my computer, so I can switch from computer to computer when editing, and for back up! As a professional photographer and photographer for my family, it is my job to keep several copies of my photos for at least 6 months. But I keep my personal photos and videos backed forever! At this time I use WD My Passport for my EHD. You can set your computer to automatically cory your whole computer, and you can add files manually as well.
  4. Online Back up- I have two of these, one is SmugMug, where I manually add photos that I want backed up, and I also use CrashPlan which automatically backups up the whole system.

And here are some adorable babies to wrap this all up!!

Katie Woodard Photography pets-17Katie Woodard Photography Baby Wearing 2015-17Katie Woodard In Home Mama and Baby-8Katie Woodard Newborns1

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