Freelensing fun and a feature! (Flagstaff Photographer}

Freelensing is my fun creative outlet! If you have a dSLR camera, you may be able to do this as well. It is an advanced technique but follow along if you are interested. You set your exposure, set lens focus to infinity, turn off camera, take lens off, put aperture ring to 1.8 so it will stay open (I use nikon and a D lens that has an aperture ring), hold lens close to camera, tilt your lens and or move yourself until you get something in focus. AT this point you can also use your little finger to adjust your focus using the focus ring on the lens.You can also try using live view, if your camera has that function! Here are some fun freelanced images I took in Utah.

I’d like to give a big huge thank you to The Freelensed for featuring my favorite Forth of July 2015 image! You can find more great information and inspiration there about freelensing. Flagstaff Freelensing Photography