Natural Newborn Photographer {Flagstaff, AZ}

“Working with Katie was easier than I imagined.  As a new mom I was a little nervous about taking the baby to his photo shoot because Katie told me we would need between 2 and 4 hours of time.  At 10 days old this felt like an eternity to be away from the house.  But I brought my nursing pillow and my diaper bag and we just hunkered down.  Katie handled the baby like the seasoned mother (and child and family photographer) that she is.  I was basically able to sit back and relax while enjoying the experience of marking the very special occasion of the birth and new life of our son. And when we have more children down the line, I know exactly who I will call to capture that moment!”

Meeting and loving a new life, it may be one of the best gifts in this world! Well I know for a fact that this little guys will be very well loved. I have known Mom for several years and she is perfect for the job. She is kind, caring and fun, and her husband is just as wonderful! Loving a new life…Thomas WEB-11Do you have questions about how a newborn session works? Are you looking for a natural newborn photographer? I keep it really easy and relaxed for you! All you have to do is show up and watch me photograph your sweet baby. I love having parents in the photos too, and I know you are tired but all we need is some solid colored, neutral shirts, and bit of makeup only if you like, I do the rest! From Mom: Thomas WEB-23Does she look a little bit comfortable? Check out the sweet toes!Thomas WEB-24I love the little smile!Thomas WEB-26Oh baby hands, some of the sweetest things in the world…I love capturing the details of baby parts so much!Thomas WEB-27Okay the only thing cuter than baby hands…Thomas WEB-28Thomas WEB-29 Thomas WEB-18Thomas WEB-2Thomas WEB-16 Thomas WEB-31Thomas WEB-33Thank you for stopping by! Click here to read more about newborn sessions.