Being pregnant is such a special and amazing time, but I know a lot of pregnant moms have no interest in being in from of the camera. I encourage you to, no matter what! It is such a beautiful time in your life and you will treasure the photos for a very long time, I promise!

Here are 3 tip for looking beautiful in your maternity photos.

1) Keep your hands on your belly, it creates a beautiful connection with your baby and brings attention to your belly too…

Flagstaff Maternity-19

Flagstaff AZ Maternity Photographer-5

2) Get a close up and a side shot. This keeps the focus on the sweet belly and the older sibling, in case you are not feeling like getting your entire self in the photos at the moment…Katie Woodard Flagstaff Photographer-13

3) Get your hair and makeup done! How often do you treat yourself to that? And what a perfect time to pamper yourself…Katie Woodard Flagstaff Photographer-39

Contact me for information on maternity photos, I have tons of other ideas to make you look your best and relax in from of the camera!

Sitting up is a big deal! And baby smiles are the cutest. And hugs from Mommy, well there is a lot of great things going on here- this little guy is a very well loved youngest brother with 5 older siblings! Do you think he is going to have some fun? I have known this sweet mom since we bought our house about 6 years ago. We were lucky to have them as neighbors. But after a few shorts meet ups, I got the sad news that they were moving! Luckily they ended up back in Flagstaff a few years later and are still living in our neighborhood. Our kids had lots of fun in the cut-de-sac before they moved though! They are all so sweet and fun and man I wish my hair was still as red as Mom’s!!

Thank you for allowing me to capture your family and here are a few favorites…

Those eyelashes!!


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