I am loving catching up on blogging because I get to look at some families that I loved photographing! I adore capturing hugs, laughter and love. Here are a few families from the fall mini sessions I did, I can’t wait to meet more families at my next set of mini sessions. Please sign up here to be the 1st to know about any mini sessions coming up!

Here are a few favorites…

Flagstaff Family Hugs Photography

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My Family’s Spring Break was a blast! I wanted to share a personal post to let you know what we were up to over spring break.  A grew up in a small family, it was just my mom and I! My father died when I was very young. My mom and I were very close and I definitely got my love of travel from her. When I was a young teenager, my mom bought a VW van with the pop top, and we took about 5 weeks to tour the US, from our home in NC. I am looking forward to doing that with my family someday soon! We did a mini version of this over spring break 2016. We rented an RV and drove around a bit of Southern CA. It was a blast, and it was very small! I have always been interested in the minimal lifestyle. While I don’t exactly practice it with my family of a wonderful husband and two boys and all of our gear- I do try and I do think about it a lot! While we were in this small RV, I really thought about how I would like living with much less. And while it would be very different, I thought about the few worldly possessions that would really make me happy at this point in my life and I came up with these things. I love my family so I would keep them of course, I would keep my camera, my running shoes, some bikes for the family, a few balls to play with, some access to books (aka my computer and iPad!) and of course my family photos. I am sure these priorities would chance in the future, and I may never live this way, but it was fun thinking and dreaming! Here are some favorites from the trip! Thanks for stopping by….

Family travel photographerFamily travel photographerFamily travel photographerSpring Break 2016-4Family travel beach photographerFamily travel beach photographeramily vacation photographeramily vacation photographeramily vacation photographer

And a few of photos on the RV life…

RV Vacation California

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I’d love to hear your thoughts on minimal living!!

I am loving catching up on blogging because I get to take a 2nd look at some families that I love photographing! I got to photograph this brother as a newborn. This sweet family lives out of town, but Mom’s parent’s live here in Flagstaff so we arranged to meet up while they were visiting Flagstaff. And I am loving black and white today! Enjoy!

Thank you for allowing me to capture your family and few are a few favorites…

Flagstaff Family PhotographyFlagstaff Family Photography2Flagstaff Family Photography6

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