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Fine Art School Portraits Flagstaff

Here is a super sweet young lady from Little Ropers Preschool in the spring of 2014. She even go to decorate her own graduation hat. I loved capturing these school photos in a fun and unique way, really getting her sweet personality! I’m so looking forward to working with this school again in the fall of 2014!

Flagstaff fine art school photographer 2
Flagstaff fine art school photographer
Flagstaff fine art school photographer
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Well this was amazing and mind-blowing! This was my first time photographing, or even witnessing a birth! I was blown away. She was induced in the morning, so I went to visit and capture a few images first thing in the am.

Flagstaff Birth Photographer WEB-4
It was so nice and peaceful in the room! Mom was relaxing and dad catching up on the days news. I photographed their 1st child’s ‘in mom’s belly’ session, and his newborn session just over 1.5 years ago. I loved seeing this family again! Here is a link to the maternity photos from this pregnancy.
Flagstaff Birth Photographer WEB-5
I loved capturing some of the details of the room, some things mom may not have noticed that day!
Flagstaff Birth Photographer WEB-7
And to top if off, isn’t the light beautiful in this room? Only things a photographer would notice I guess!
Flagstaff Birth Photographer WEB-9
I left and kept my phone turned up loud, I checked in around 2:30 and there was not much change. And then boom! At about 4pm dad called and said, “Hurry, she is at 9cm!” Luckily I was only about 3 minutes from the hospital, I showed up and baby came about 15 minutes later! Wow! 
Flagstaff Birth Photographer WEB-14
Enjoy the beauty…
Flagstaff Birth Photographer WEB-16
Flagstaff Birth Photographer WEB-18
Flagstaff Birth Photographer WEB-20
Flagstaff Birth Photographer WEB-23
Flagstaff Birth Photographer WEB-24
Flagstaff Birth Photographer WEB-25
Flagstaff Birth Photographer WEB-26
Flagstaff Birth Photographer WEB-27
It was all amazing, mom was a rockstar, and the baby was perfectly healthy.
Flagstaff Birth Photographer WEB-29
Flagstaff Birth Photographer WEB-33
Flagstaff Birth Photographer WEB-35
I stayed for about another hour, mom got settled into breast feeding…
Flagstaff Birth Photographer WEB-63
And then baby was off to get weighed and measured! Can you believe the eye contact here? He knows his daddy already.
Flagstaff Birth Photographer WEB-89
‘Why are you covering my eyes???’ That was probably the only moment I heard him cry, he was one happy newborn!
Flagstaff Birth Photographer WEB-95
‘Gotta check my head size now…’
Flagstaff Birth Photographer WEB-101
‘Hi Mom and Dad!’
Flagstaff Birth Photographer WEB-105
Well needless to say I am in love with photographing births, I feel so honored to have been allowed to photograph this one. Please contact me at for more information on photographing your birth!
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Oh man I am so in love with this session, there was a birthday girl and it was a beautiful Flagstaff evening! We met up just as the sun was setting and we had a great time. These girls were so sweet and fun to hang out with. And it happened to be the older one’s birthday! They wore their fun dresses and we got to work…

I love the birthday girl’s missing front teeth!
A little sisterly love…
I love photographing the parents alone, some parents say they don’t have photos of them together alone since they were married!
Look at those sweet smiles…
From Mom:

“We had an exceptional experience with Katie!  Not only were the photographs of our family beautiful; she was fun, made us all laugh, and had great suggestions to help us get the most out of the session. She made the experience meaningful and the pictures will last a lifetime.

Thanks again!

Chris and Sean”


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What a fun and happy family waiting for their new addition! I had the honor of photographing this stunning mom when she was pregnant with this handsome young man, and I got t0 photograph him and a newborn as well. Please click here to see mom pregnant and this guy as a brand new baby! Now, a bit less than two years later, we are patiently waiting the arrival of the newest member of the family, and I can’t wait to photograph him too! Big brother is super smiley and very into hugging and snuggling. He is going to be a great big brother.

Ledbetter WEB-4
How fun is her big flower ring? And I love these little legs wrapping around mom’s belly so much.
Ledbetter WEB-5
Could she be any more beautiful! I love her long dark hair too.
Ledbetter WEB-17
Now that is a pretty sweet hug I think…
Ledbetter WEB-22
Her belly is like a work of art, really!
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Well is there anything more fun than looking at a ton of Laughter photos? I loved picking the theme and being the guest judge for the “laughter” photo contest! See the link below if you would like to smile today…

And here is a photo I took of a little bit of ‘laughter”!

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