Well I think this location and family are some of my favorites (wait I thing that everytime!). This is a very special family that I met several years ago when they moved to Flagstaff. The mom grew up here and came back with here family. People always come back to Flagstaff (I did at least!)! We got to be friends when our kids went to the same school, we biked together, and this great mom did some wonderful things for the ski team here in Flagstaff, including growing a love of skiing for my two boys. They have now moved on to Colorado to pursue skiing. But we hope they come back a lot to visit!

And about this location, it has a bit of Flagstaff’s finest scenery! We started in the aspen trees, then moved onto a spot with a gorgeous view of our San Francisco Peaks. I love where we live! Thank you for allowing me to capture my family, enjoy the cuteness!

Flagstaff Aspen Trees Family Photographer-2Flagstaff Aspen Trees Family Photographer-4Flagstaff Aspen Trees Family Photographer-5Flagstaff San Francisco Peaks Family Photographer-2Flagstaff San Francisco Peaks Family Photographer-3Flagstaff San Francisco Peaks Family Photographer-5lily

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I have joined talented group of photographers, once a month, to share our freelensing images in The Free 52 Project! Click here to learn more about freelensing. Please see the link below to follow our blog circle and see the other shares. This month I freelensed a bit of our trip the the gorgeous beaches of NC- a few kids took a surf lesson and a few were having fun playing in the surf!

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NC Beach Freelensed-1NC Beach Freelensed-2NC Beach Freelensed-2-5NC Beach Freelensed-6NC Beach Freelensed-6NC Beach Freelensed-6NC beach Freelensed-9

NC beach Freelensed-15

NC beach Freelensed-10

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