Sitting up is a big deal! And baby smiles are the cutest. And hugs from Mommy, well there is a lot of great things going on here- this little guy is a very well loved youngest brother with 5 older siblings! Do you think he is going to have some fun? I have known this sweet mom since we bought our house about 6 years ago. We were lucky to have them as neighbors. But after a few shorts meet ups, I got the sad news that they were moving! Luckily they ended up back in Flagstaff a few years later and are still living in our neighborhood. Our kids had lots of fun in the cut-de-sac before they moved though! They are all so sweet and fun and man I wish my hair was still as red as Mom’s!!

Thank you for allowing me to capture your family and here are a few favorites…

Those eyelashes!!


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You know how when you meet a new person of family and they are just so easy and fun to talk to? And how fun for me when it is a new family that I am photographing! I met this great family over the winter when I photographed their new daughter just after she was born.  They parents were so loving, relaxing and in love with their baby! I loved talking with mom and dad about their very cool jobs as an anthropologist and a geologist who studies Mars! And they happen to love the same show/book that I am partially obsessed with, Outlander.

This family loves spending time outside. We were excited to photograph their little one, who is sitting up strong these days, in front of the beautiful pink and white trees that are blooming right now. We met near sunset and as we were waiting for the sun the go down, we snuck off into the beautiful Flagstaff forest and found the most magical patch of light! Then we headed around the corner to the gorgeous row of pink trees and the beautiful few whites trees around the corner. It was a chilly Flagstaff evening so between photographing her, we wrapped her up in a few blankets. She was a trooper, and Mom and Dad are still just as in love, as you can see by the way they look at her!

It is an honor to capture your family again!! Here are a few favorites…

Flagstaff Spring Baby PhotographyFlagstaff Spring Baby SmilesFlagstaff Spring Family PhotographyMother Child Love Flagstaff PhotographyFamily Love Flagstaff PhotographyWhite Trees Flagstaff Photography6 month old baby photography FlagstaffFlagstaff pink trees family photography

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