I have joined talented group of photographers, once a month, to share our freelensing images in The Free 52 Project! Click here to learn more about freelensing. Please see the link below to follow our blog circle and see the other shares. This month I freelensed some of Flagstaff, AZ’s beautiful yellow flowers and a few of a stunning orange sunset from Lake Powell, AZ!

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Please click here to see Kathy Ledbetter’s beautiful share!

I knew this sweet family from my last life/career, river guiding in the Grand Canyon! We have stayed friends though the career changes and growing families. They helped me get my kiddos on there first river trip about 6 years ago too, on the San Juan River! It was a bit of a challenge scheduling a photo session with our heavy monsoons this year. Usually the rains just come in the afternoon but not this year! The awesome rains have been coming all times of the day. We finally found a beautiful dry evening and some amazing light and had some fun. Thank you for allowing me to capture your family! Enjoy the cuteness…Flagstaff Summer Family Photography Yellow Flowers-14Flagstaff Summer Family Photography-45Flagstaff Summer Family Photography Yellow Flowers-43Flagstaff Summer Family Photography Yellow Flowers-22Flagstaff Summer Family Photography Yellow Flowers-18Spillman 2016 WEB-16Flagstaff Summer Family Photography-12Flagstaff Summer Family Photography-10Flagstaff Summer Family Photography-4Flagstaff Summer Family Photography 1


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Flagstaff is pretty spectacular year round, but something very special happens here in August, the town is covered in yellow flowers! And there is this special spot with the flowers and the San Francisco Peaks. This August monsoon’s had been all over the place instead of the traditional afternoon showers, So we had a bit of a time finding a night without the rain, but we were able to meet between the rains on this gorgeous day! Thank you for allowing me to capture your sweet kids, enjoy the beauty…

Flagstaff Yellow Flower Field San Francisco Peaks Photographer-5Flagstaff Yellow Flower Field San Francisco Peaks Photographer-10Flagstaff Yellow Flower Field San Francisco Peaks Photographer-18Flagstaff Yellow Flower Field San Francisco Peaks Photographer-19Flagstaff Yellow Flower Field San Francisco Peaks PhotographerContact me today to book your family session!