I have joined talented group of photographers, once a month, to share our freelensing images in The Free 52 Project! Click here to learn more about freelensing. Please see the link below to follow our blog circle and see the other shares.

This was an unexpected surprise- I got to join a few friends in Sedona recently for an amazing maternity session, and I freelensed a few at the end! Thanks for stopping by and please click here to see Kathy Ledbetter’s beautiful share.

Sedona Maternity freelensed-1Sedona Maternity freelensedSedona Maternity freelensedSedona Maternity freelensedSedona Maternity freelensedSedona Maternity freelensedSedona Maternity freelensedSedona Maternity freelensed

Contact me to book a maternity session in beautiful Sedona!

And a few from a fun photo walk I did called ClickinWalk in downtown Sedona…

ClickinWalk Sedona 2016-2ClickinWalk Sedona 2016-12ClickinWalk Sedona 2016-13ClickinWalk Sedona 2016-15ClickinWalk Sedona 2016-16

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Being pregnant is such a special and amazing time, but I know a lot of pregnant moms have no interest in being in from of the camera. I encourage you to, no matter what! It is such a beautiful time in your life and you will treasure the photos for a very long time, I promise!

Here are 3 tip for looking beautiful in your maternity photos.

1) Keep your hands on your belly, it creates a beautiful connection with your baby and brings attention to your belly too…

Flagstaff Maternity-19

Flagstaff AZ Maternity Photographer-5

2) Get a close up and a side shot. This keeps the focus on the sweet belly and the older sibling, in case you are not feeling like getting your entire self in the photos at the moment…Katie Woodard Flagstaff Photographer-13

3) Get your hair and makeup done! How often do you treat yourself to that? And what a perfect time to pamper yourself…Katie Woodard Flagstaff Photographer-39

Contact me for information on maternity photos, I have tons of other ideas to make you look your best and relax in from of the camera!