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I am also using a new to me lens, it is called a Helios. It is a derivative of a Carl Zeiss lens and creates a swirly bokeh. It is also manual focus which has been a learning curve for me, I have not done that in a while!

These were taken in the Phoenix desert in January. This was a fun day for us- we had headed down here to Phoenix to see the Phoenix Suns play. We went to the game after this beautiful sunset. We showed up at the Suns game, and headed to our upper level seats. Someone from the Suns approached us and upgraded our tickets to the 14th row! It was really a special night, and fun to see the NBS players up so close. It is all started with a wonderful stroll at South Mountain Park!

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Jan freelensing helios WEB-8Jan freelensing helios WEB-9Jan freelensing helios WEB-10Jan freelensing helios WEB-17We also were able to head to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon this month, and this is what I freelensed with my Helios lens there!

Katie Woodard Grand Canyon Snow January 2016-1Katie Woodard Grand Canyon Snow January 2016-4Katie Woodard Grand Canyon Snow January 2016-8

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I was thrilled to meet this family- they were so fun and easy to talk to, and the love for their little one was amazing! They were busy traveling back and forth to Phoenix soon after this beauty was born, but we were able to coordinate still and get these sweet photos. She was full of smiles as you can see, and loved snuggling with Mom and Dad. Dad had worked in a photography studio as a young man so it was fun chatting with him about that, and now he is a Mars Geologist, I was dying for my boys to meet him! He kindly offered to let me bring my kids to where he works to meet him and see where he works one of these days.

I offer studio as well as in home newborn sessions. This was in my studio, I love doing both kinds of sessions! I love the studio sessions because it is my familiar space, the light is amazing and it is a comfortable space. I also enjoy in home sessions where I can capture a piece of your home, your little one’s 1st home!

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Thank you for allowing me to capture you family at this special time in your lives! Here are a few favorites…

Katie Woodard Newborns WEB-5Katie Woodard Newborns WEB-6Father and Child Photography WEB-15Baby Smiles Photography-30Baby Smiles Photography-31Newborn Smiles Flagstaff AZ

Katie Woodard Newborns WEB-10

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These are a few of the products that I love that come as thank you gifts with the some of the full digital collections. I love the mini albums, they are so easy to carry around and share and make great grandparent gifts! I also love displaying prints and easily changing them out like you can do so easily with the wire hangers. Contact me here for more information!Katie Woodard Mini Accordion-1Katie Woodard Mini Accordion-2Katie Woodard Mini Accordion-3WIre Display-2

WIre Display-4

WIre Display-1

WIre Display-3

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