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I love the pink trees! {Flagstaff Family Photography}

I love living in the mountains but I’d say our seasons are not quite as dramatic as where I grew up in NC! So when I see color here I get very excited, and I especially love the pink trees here! I get to photograph some cute girls here soon, so I took my boys to check out the location. They were a bit less than enthusiastic, but I still love how they turned out and I can’t wait to go back with some cute young ladies soon. Let me know if you’d like to book a session with the pink trees! They won’t be here for long! Here are my goofballs…

Flagstaff AZ family photographer

Tip for photographing your kids: This was a pretty crowded park and lots of kids were running around. Just to the right of me was the parking lot, and just to my left was a ton of playground equipment and kids. So I continued to move around until the cars, signs and people were out of my frame. This is a long line of trees, so I turned around and had them face the other way, but I was not able to get an uncluttered frame that way. So just remember, small shifts of your part will make a big difference! You can book a session with me here, email me!

brothers photographer Flagstaff, AZ

Here is what happened when we faced the opposite direction, cute, but a bit more going on in the background. And there were a few less trees. Either way we had fun, and that’s all that counts!! And they had fun getting “dressed up”!

pink tree photography
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Smiley One Year Old {Flagstaff, AZ Birthday Photographer}

This was such a smiley one year old! I love it when I get to see clients over and over again. It is a great compliment and so fun for me too. I photographed this guy as a newborn and you can see that session by clicking here. I did not get  to meet Dad at the first session, so that made this special 1st birthday session even more fun.  They travel for work so it took a while to finally meet up, but I’m so glad that when we did finally did meet up, it was right at 1st birthday time! 

Flagstaff, AZ Baby Photographer
Can you see how happy dad makes him? I love all of the smiles so much…this is a happy kiddos!
Flagstaff, AZ Baby Photography
You can really see the love in dad’s face here too! They were having fun just playing while I captured the fun, forever!
Flagstaff, AZ Baby Photography  2
He really loved being outside, we stepped into the studio too for a bit but the smiles faded, so we went right back out and the smiles came back immediately:)
Flagstaff, AZ 1 year old photography
I love those cheeks so much! 
Flagstaff, AZ 1 year old photography
A game of peek-a-boo always is a hit for the little ones, and being in mom’s arms is always a big bonus!
Flagstaff, AZ 1 year old photography  2
Being in mom’s arms for some snuggles may even be better. I know that is one of my favorite memories and I still love snuggling with my bigger kids, whenever they will let me. 
Flagstaff, AZ one year old photography

Please click here to find out more about newborn and baby sessions! Thank you!



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Freelensing {Northern Arizona Photography}

I had so much fun trying out freelensing! I  know it is a bit odd looking, and it is only the 2nd and 3rd time I have tried this, but it is so fun to play and try new  things with my camera! The technique involves removing the lens from your camera, holding it close but not attaching it to the camera. it will completely change to focal plane that you are expecting and used to seeing.  Here is what I did: I used my Nikon d700 and d600 and I used a 50 mm and a 85mm lens. Longer focal lengths are better, wide may not work as well. With the lens on, I set focus and exposure. Next I take off lens, put focus in infinity, put aperture ring to 1.8 or the widest is will go (or hold ring open manually with switch on lens if it is a Nikon G lens), hold lens as close to camera as possible (harder with Nikon G but possible), shift lens, keeping it as close to camera as possible till you see effect you want. This is not something you want to try if there is any chance of dust flying into your camera, of if having the inside of your camera exposed makes you uncomfortable. I did this with my talented friend Kayla, please check out her blog link at the end of this post!

I love that this one spotlights his little tooth…

Some serious concentration on the silly putty…
My kids have a new interest in chess!

We took a day trip to Sedona and I had some more fun with freelensing.

Freelensing Sedona-1
Freelensing Sedona-2
And you definitely have to be ready to give up control of how your photos will turn out!
Freelensing Sedona-3
Freelensing Sedona-4

Please click here to see Kayla’s freelensing! Thanks for stopping by!



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Brand new life! {Flagstaff, AZ Classic Newborn Photography}

I really believe there is nothing more special than brand new life. I feel so lucky when parents choose me to capture this special time! These few days after your baby is born are such a blur, I love when people take the time to schedule in newborn photography. Here is a beautiful young lady that I got the honor of photographing recently, can you believe her beautiful hair? And those sweet lips?


I loved getting a few close ups of her, all of her features are so perfect and beautiful…

Do you think she is happy and cozy enough here?
Baby toes and fingers are some of my favorite things to capture, how to they come out so beautiful? I love the tiny toenails!

Now for mom and baby, there is a special smile that only happens when you are holding your new child…


And of course dad and his new little girl, this dad happens to be in the middle of medical school and has a brand new baby! He has a lot going on, so I am so glad we could capture a peaceful moment of them together.

And last but not least, all three of them together, happy proud parents! Thanks for stopping by to take a look! If you would like more information about scheduling your newborn session, please call me at (928)-380-5695 or email me. Talk to you soon!
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  • Samantha Covert - April 5, 2014 - 2:03 am

    Gorgeous family, captured beautifully! ReplyCancel

  • Kate - April 5, 2014 - 10:00 am

    Beautiful. I really love all of the details.ReplyCancel

  • Allison Jacobs - April 7, 2014 - 4:56 pm

    She is just precious!ReplyCancel

  • Heather Lee - April 7, 2014 - 6:38 pm

    Oh so beautiful! I love that hair! The images are wonderful and you did a great job capturing baby and all the great details.ReplyCancel

  • Alison W - April 11, 2014 - 6:20 am

    This is a beautiful session Katie! I love that basket shot!ReplyCancel

  • Beth Thornton Wade - April 16, 2014 - 1:10 am

    Such a sweet session Katie!!ReplyCancel

FitMoms Flagstaff, AZ pumping it up! {Northern Arizona Maternity Photographer}

I’d like to introduce you to I wonder local Flagstaff business called Fit4Mom Flagstaff that helps moms stay in shape while you are pregnant, and long after your baby is born! There are so many fitness classes to choose from, playgroups, yoga and more. I discovered this wonderful group when I decided to run a big race in Colorado called Imogene, it is a 17mile run hike from Ouray, CO to Telluride, CO. They happened to have a training group at the time and I met some of the most wonderful people there! This was several years ago and I am still friends with this group of girls, and we still run together!

I recently had the chance to photograph the Fit4Baby class and these girl are tough! They are committed to staying healthy and I’m sure have made friends for life since they have so much in common.

Flagstaff AZ Newborn photographer
Here they are using the exercise bands…
Flagstaff AZ get fit
See all the variety you can get with the bands?
Flagstaff AZ maternity photography
Here is a photo of their fearless leader Maricel, who happens to be one of the fun girls I trained with for my race several years ago. 
Flagstaff AZ maternity photography
I wish I had know about such a wonderful program when I was pregnant and a brand new mom, I love the support you can get when you are with other expectant moms and new moms, and staying in shape while you are at it is ever better! Check out Fit4Moms!
Flagstaff AZ Fit4Moms
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