5 ways photography conferences have been life changing! {Flagstaff, AZ Family Photographer}


I have attended a few in person photography conferences and they are always just a bit (or a lot) life changing! When I first started attending conferences it was all about learning more more and more! There is something really helpful and awesome about seeing other photographers working in person or sitting in a lecture hall being inspired by a seasoned photographer. As I have gotten more experienced and gone to more conferences, and even taught at one, I have learned that there is so much more to get out of photography conferences.

Here are my 5 favorite things about photography conferences:

  1. I do my research, read reviews and ask friends about there experiences before I sign up for a conference and make sure I am going to be learning a lot, and in the process learn about all of the cool things people are teaching!
  2. I learn a ton and get so inspired.
  3. I visit cool places.
  4. I meet new awesome and passionate people.
  5. I laugh a lot!

I think it is so important to do your research! There are a lot of choices out there and certainly one out there that is perfect for you. Ask around and read some reviews. Each conference I have been to has been a unique combination of learning and inspiration. Some more learning, some more inspiring, and both of these things are so helpful! I love the cool places I have traveled too, including Seattle, San Antonio, San Diego and more. These are places I may not have otherwise visited! And my very favorite part of photography conferences in the amazing people and connections I have made. I have certainly made some life long friends and and laughed so hard with these friends!

If you are looking for an inspiring photography conference I have been to ClickAway several times and it only gets better every time. Imaging was great too. I have used Eventbrite for the registration which makes everything so easy, and the app keeps my organized during the event. My dream conference/retreat is one in another county where I am learning, being inspired and helping in some way all at the some time.