5 questions to ask a newborn photographer {Flagstaff, AZ Baby and Family Photographer}

Here are 5 questions to ask a newborn photographer, when you are ready to schedule a session. The best time to schedule a newborn session is when you are early in your pregnancy!

1) What is the photographer’s experience and training? Technical skills? All photographers start somewhere, just make sure you are very comfortable with your photographer’s experience and training. I began photographing newborns in 2009. I have attended several workshops to learn newborn photography safety and posing, I have helped teach an online newborn posing/lighting photography class and I spoke at ClickAway, a national photography convention in 2014, teaching other photographers about newborn photography.  Safety is my top priority with your baby!

Are their photos too dark or way too bright? If they are too bright or too dark, the prints will likely turn out poorly, while they may look fine on a computer. Are people’s skin grey or another off color? Professional photographers know how to expose the photos correctly to make sure the skin looks amazing and that there are no odd colors sneaking in.

2) Can you see the photographer’s portfolio and or a full session? A lot of photographers have their portfolio on their website, and links to a few photos from each session. Feel free to ask a photographer to see an entire session that they have created for other clients, to help give you an idea of what you will be getting.

3) Does the photographer have insurance? Your baby is precious and if the photographer is a professional, they most likely have insurance! I am insured and licensed with the city of Flagstaff and the state of Arizona.

4) What props does the photographer provide and what is their style? As a client, you may see there are a lot of styles of newborn photography! Find one you love! Two main categories are posed and lifestyle. Posed is generally in a studio or home, and focuses more on just the people, while lifestyle is usually in the client’s home and adds in more parts of your home. I love baby led posing, where the focus is on the people and the baby is in natural and gently guided poses, to show off their adorable selves! You will not see a lot of props in my studio, as I love to keep the focus on the baby and your new amazing relationship with your baby. I offer sessions in my studio or in your home, and love adding in parts of your home if you’d like that! Click here to see my portfolio!

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