3 Simple Tips for Looking Beautiful In Your Maternity Photos {Flagstaff Maternity and Baby Photographer}

Being pregnant is such a special and amazing time, but I know a lot of pregnant moms have no interest in being in from of the camera. I encourage you to, no matter what! It is such a beautiful time in your life and you will treasure the photos for a very long time, I promise!

Here are 3 tip for looking beautiful in your maternity photos.

1) Keep your hands on your belly, it creates a beautiful connection with your baby and brings attention to your belly too…

Flagstaff Maternity-19

Flagstaff AZ Maternity Photographer-5

2) Get a close up and a side shot. This keeps the focus on the sweet belly and the older sibling, in case you are not feeling like getting your entire¬†self in the photos at the moment…Katie Woodard Flagstaff Photographer-13

3) Get your hair and makeup done! How often do you treat yourself to that? And what a perfect time to pamper yourself…Katie Woodard Flagstaff Photographer-39

Contact me for information on maternity photos, I have tons of other ideas to make you look your best and relax in from of the camera!